ROBIN - Open Source Wireless Mesh Networking

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R.O.B.IN (Routing Olsr and Batman INside) is an Open Source mesh network project, deployed on top of OpenWRT Kamikaze, OSI_logo.jpgrunning on any Atheros AP51 routers such as Accton MR3201A, Meraki Mini* or La Fonera* and using the B.A.T.M.A.N.or OLSR routing algorithm as cited in custom essays. ROBIN spreads a wired internet connection such as a DSL throughout an apartment complex, neighborhood, village or school, and works on a variety of commonly available, low-cost hardware. ROBIN is being developed by Antonio Anselmi

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ROBIN firmware needs to be installed on compatible hardware. Currently pre-installed routers are supplied from



Open Source projects need you. Please join us at



* Note: installing ROBIN on Meraki Mini or La Fonera routers may violate the terms and conditions of those devices

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