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  1. 1. What is "Open-Mesh"?

What is "Open-Mesh"?

Open-Mesh is a group of volunteers dedicated to community-owned WiFi, not owned or controlled by any one corporate entity.

Our primary mission is to develop WiFi deployment models that are flexible and affordable enough to work in low-income and developing areas of the world, yet powerful and reliable enough to thrive in commercial applications.

We are guided by several principles:

1.  The firmware should be open-source.  It should contain as little "compiled" code as possible so it can be understood, extended, and modified by users.

2.  The platform should be open to all manufacturers.  Not only will we "tolerate" competing products, but we will actively promote and encourage them.  All hardware should be easily "reflashable" to encourage modification, extension or even replacement with other solutions.

3.  You should own your own network.   Management should be available as a free "hosted" solution, but you should also be able to run your own dashboard, either by writing your own or by using open-source solutions.

4.  Products should be as low-cost as possible so they can be affordable for those that need them the most.

5.  We should embrace the best that the open-source and closed-source community has to offer.  For example, you should be able to choose among all compatible 3rd party captive portal / payment gateway providers. 

So who are we?  Besides Open-Mesh the company, we are:

The ROBIN firmware project.

Many manufacturers, including Accton, Engenius, Ubiquiti and Wiligear who build compatible products and promote the Open-Mesh project.

Captive Portal providers such as Coova, WiFi-CPA and Worldspot.net and open-source dashboard projects such as Orange Mesh.

Distributors such as Streakwave and hundreds of Wisps and ISPs all around the world.

We hope you enjoy this project and find its products useful. 

If you have a skill you'd like to contribute, please contact us!

Thank you for considering and/or using projects based upon the Open-Mesh project.

Michael Burmeister-Brown
President _ Volunteer, Open-Mesh
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