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ROBIN Firmware features
  • Open source mesh router - Linux (OpenWRT)
  • Installed relatively cheap hardware
  • Dual ESSIDs, typically one "open" and one "private", although both can be WPA encrypted.
  • Bandwidth can be limited up and down, per user on the first "public" ESSID.
  • Public ESSID has an optional splash page feature.  The splash page is fully editable via an HTML/WYSIWYG editor.  You can add user authentication and billing options via third-party solutions from Coova.org, WiFi-CPA.com, WorldSpot.net, or use any RADIUS server.
  • You can "redirect" users to any web page on login on the public ESSID.
  • Wireless bridge mode allows computers to plug into the ethernet port on "repeaters" without needing a wireless adapter.
  • Firewall prevents public users from accessing the wired LAN or private ESSID (can be disabled).
  • Nodes automatically update firmware to latest stable version.  Optional "test" upgrades available.
  • SSH is supported and you can change the network password.
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