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(If you want to just download firmware without reading this - scroll to the bottom of the page) 

Step 1 : How to select the correct firmware for your router :

There are a range of different Robin firmwares in this download section. Each different firmware version will work on specific router/s. You need to make sure you know which firmware version will work on your router BEFORE you download anything. 

To select the correct firmware for your router scan these tables - (You will have to scroll down to find the tables) - find your listed device and make a note of the firmware that will work with it. Then return to this download page.

Step 2 : Download Firmware

Wooah....not just yet...(Read this first - the download button is below) There are two different types of firmware to choose from once you have found the correct version for your router - the TEST version and the BETA version. The BETA version is stable , but does not contain the latest features. The TEST version contains the latest features , but may be unstable depending on your router and how you use it. If you are unsure , use the BETA - and then use the test firmware if you find the BETA unsuitable.

The test versions are labelled with a code. Each code represents a different build of the firmware over time. For instance , R2434 was built after R2294. Each build contains incremental improvements , bug fixes and new features. Use the latest build first , and then revert back to previous versions if the latest version doesn't work for you. The latest test build (The one with the highest number) is the very latest version availible.

Always use the beta fork for production networks.

Develop and Build Firmware

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Old Files (The older versions of Robin in case you want them)

Old Versions Download

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